Coronavirus and Title: Realtor Protective Gear

//Coronavirus and Title: Realtor Protective Gear

Coronavirus and Title: Realtor Protective Gear

As part of our mission to keep real estate professionals and customers safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, Eastern Title & Settlement has set up our very own care kit, aptly named, Realtor Protective Gear.

The gear comes in a bag which is labeled with bold letters which read “Realtor Protective Gear.” In this kit you will find:

  • Hand sanitizer
  • Re-usable, re-washable gloves
  • Foot coverings for your feet (great for when you’re showing open houses)
  • Masks
  • A door opener

As part of this initiative, we’re holding a contest! The prizes are:

  • 1st place: a brand new 75-inch, 4K Smart Samsung TV.
  • 2nd place: A Marshall Wireless Bluetooth speaker
  • 3rd prize: A virtual set up so you can conduct your own Zoom or Skype calls, complete with a free green screen with a stand, internet camera a microphone. This allows you to produce, edit and release your own content.
  • 4th prize: 1-hour consultation with AEM (Always Evolving Media) for social media and video content

The 5th place winner will also receive their very own surprise. You can qualify for this contest by “liking” the Eastern Title & Settlement and The Mortgage Link pages on our 3 social media platforms. Then, post the most creative picture you can create using the Realtor Protective Gear. We will announce the winners after all the bags have been handed out, so stay tuned!

And remember, if you would like to have Eastern Title perform your closing, please contact us at 240-403-1285 or by emailing us at [email protected].

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