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Eastern Title and Settlement – The Go-To Choice for Lily Chedruary

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Lily Chedruary has been a realtor for over ten years in the Maryland, D.C. and Virginia area. While she specializes in vacant homes, she also has the ability to help dress occupied homes as well, and is consistently among the top three agents in her firm. Her fluency in Spanish allows her to reach out to and work with a larger client base than otherwise would be possible. Most of Lily’s new business stems from referrals and many of her new clients tend to be first time buyers.

Lily was referred to Eastern Title and Settlement by another realtor two years ago and has been using their services ever sense on numerous closings and settlements.


While Lily is an experienced realtor, many of her clients are new to the buying process. The paperwork and requirements can be confusing and overwhelming to first time buyers, especially when it comes to split settlements, last minute closings, and late closings.

That’s why she felt it was so important to work with a title and settlement company that has the experience and knowledge to help her educate her clients and facilitate smooth closings.

In addition, Lily’s territory is large, and with past title and settlement companies, they were not always available to handle a closing when and where she needed. The companies tended to focus on the transaction and not the people involved.

international home buyers
international home buyers


Eastern Title and Settlement makes it easy, even when someone is not local. They are happy to travel where the realtor needs them to be. This makes closings much easier. In addition, Eastern Title and Settlement is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. This alone takes much of the stress and worry out of closings. As Lily says, “Eastern Title and Settlement always puts me and my clients first.”

“Eastern Title and Settlement is focused on making the client happy and maintaining a valuable relationship,” Lily said. “They are focused on the client and not the transaction which makes all the difference. The client isn’t just another number, they matter, and the clients can feel that difference.”


With Eastern Title and Settlement onboard, the entire closing process goes smoothly. Time is saved as Lily doesn’t need to spend hours dealing with issues that other title and settlement companies can’t resolve. Eastern Title and Settlement does everything they can to make the process effortless and help solve problems quickly when and if they arise.

“Working with Eastern Title and Settlement gives me more time and flexibility to build my business,” said Lily. “As a result I continue to be a top seller in my agency. I couldn’t have the results I do without Eastern Title and Settlement.”

Lily’s takeaway is that with Eastern Title and Settlement as her go-to partner. She is able to achieve her goals and reach professional levels that would otherwise not be possible without them.

Download this Study as PDF