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Eastern Title and Settlement – A True Partner for the Williams Team

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Kathy and Rhys Williams have been working as a real estate team for the past two years in the Prince George’s County, Maryland area. They approach real estate from a community prospective and participate in many community events such as backpack drives and first-time homebuyer seminars. It’s their goal to educate individuals about the home buying process.

Rhys began partnering with Eastern Title and Settlement while working for another real estate firm. He knew it was a good fit for him and Kathy from the very first meeting in the Spring of 2015.


In the past, Kathy and Rhys lost deals due to last minute issues that other title and settlement companies couldn’t handle. These problems included missing settlement dates, not clearing the title, and delayed settlements due to small details being missed.

These challenges resulted, not only in lost revenues, but damage to Kathy and Rhys’ reputations as well as lost referrals from these less than satisfied clients. The Williams had to find a company that would be there for them when they needed them as well as pay attention to details and help guide them through the closing process with their clients.

international home buyers
international home buyers


The solution was to find a title and settlement company that had the experience and knowledge to get the job done on time and without issues. This company also needed to be able to function as a partner with Kathy and Rhys Williams to help educate them on the closing process, so they could educate their clients.

Both Kathy and Rhys have discovered that Eastern Title and Settlement are always available to answer questions and make the settlement process as quick as possible.

“Not only is the team at Eastern Title and Settlement willing to help and answer questions, they actually have the right answers for us and our clients. They are even willing to travel to where we need them to be in order to make the whole process easier,” said Rhys.


The Williams team have found that Eastern Title and Settlement is not only versatile and accessible, but also knowledgeable and fast, and since they began working with Eastern Title and Settlement, they no longer experience the same challenges and lost deals they did before.

“Working with the team at Eastern Title and Settlement has made the whole closing process a breeze,” said Kathy. “Both Rhys and I have developed a strong relationship with them that is based on trust, respect, loyalty, and a similar work ethic.”

“The team at Eastern Title and Settlement was able to finish one settlement for me in fifteen minutes,” said Rhys. “As Kathy and I are relatively new agents with a strong community focus, Josh at Eastern Title and Settlement, has served as a mentor to both me and Kathy. Because of Josh’s guidance, we have been able to build our business.”

The takeaway for the Williams is that Eastern Title and Settlement works hard to make everyone at the closing table a winner.

Download this Study as PDF