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Real Estate Top Performers was created by Josh Greene and Steve Summers to help real estate agents and other related professionals get the insider’s perspective they need in order to better leverage their marketplace conditions to their advantage. In addition, the project also serves to help top-performing agents close more deals and make the Real Estate Top Performer’s list year after year by providing valuable insight into how they market themselves and build relationships with brokers and title and settlement professionals.

Josh and Steve are the original Real Estate Top Performers and now, they’ve created a dedicated channel to offer everyone the chance to become a Top Performer and see their business grow. Tune in to Great Day Washington at 9 am on Thursdays to watch the Real Estate Top Performers.

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Meet Josh Greene

Josh Greene

Josh Greene is the founder, president, and CEO of Eastern Title and Settlement, the premier provider of commercial title and escrow services, including commercial and residential purchase agreements, title insurance, settlement services, and more. With more than 20 years of real estate, mortgage, and title experience, Josh specializes in extensive product knowledge coupled with a proven track record for developing sales in new markets. As a native Washingtonian with a well-established family history in the real estate industry, Josh Greene has lived a life saturated in the purchase, sale, investment, development, and leasing of commercial and residential properties. Josh has been a featured expert on both the Washington Post and CNBC’s Nightly Business Report. He studied business and marketing at the University of Hartford and currently resides in Rockville, Maryland with his wife, Amber.

Meet Steve Summers

Steve Summers

Steven Summers is the President and CEO of The Mortgage Link and is an accomplished, well-recognized mortgage professional with over 25 years of experience. He oversees the daily operations of the company and manages both the mortgage and financial operations of the firm. A strong believer in the strength of personal connections in business, Steve has helped create a culture where relationships are more important than individual transactions.

He values his clients and works diligently to make sure that every customer is satisfied with their home financing experience. Steve is also an active member of MAMP and NAMB.

A Maryland man at heart, Steve grew up locally and attended St. Andrews School in Potomac, MD. He broadened his education at Sheperd University in Shepherdstown, West Virginia before moving back to Maryland. Currently, he resides in Potomac with his wife and two kids. When he isn’t working, Steve enjoys spending time with his family, partaking in events like golfing or aquatic activities like boating or fishing.

Eastern Title & Settlement Logo

Eastern Title & Settlement is a commercial title insurance and title company. We ensure the success of our customers’ residential and commercial purchase agreements, land title transactions, and title insurance services. With over 20 years of combined experience, we provide expertise in handling even the most complex real estate closings, land titles, and purchase agreements not only in English, but Spanish, German, Chinese, and Vietnamese as well.

Eastern Title is prepared to go the distance to ensure a successful transaction and help you Close Anywhere, Anytime. Contact us online or call us today: 240.403.1285.

Mortgage Link Inc. Logo

The Mortgage Link, Inc. is a full-service mortgage company based in Rockville, Maryland. We specialize in conventional, FHA, VA, USDA, and Jumbo loans.

We know that each customer has specific needs, and so, we strive to meet those needs with a wide range of products, investment tools, mortgages, and the best of all quality service and individual attention.

Mortgage Link offers a variety of purchase and refining options, designed to best meet the needs of our borrowers. If you’re looking to purchase a home, cash out on an existing mortgage, or get a better rate and/or term, we can assist you.

Contact The Mortgage Link today at 240.683.8585 to discuss your mortgage options and find out which loan program will best suit your needs.